Firm History


Abe Stone starts his CPA practice.


Abe Stone & Kermit Dickman form Stone and Dickman which soon becomes the largest independent CPA firm in Rochester.


Stone & Dickman split. Dickman & Fisher is formed and Jerry Stern joins Abe Stone to become Stone & Stern. Barry Kaplan joins Jerry Stern. Francis Davie and Irwin Schulman leave Haskins & Sells (now Deloitte) as managers and form Davie and Schulman.


Barry Kaplan becomes a partner, Stern and Kaplan is formed. Sidney Braverman leaves Haskins & Sells to join Davie & Schulman. Sid Braverman becomes a partner at Davie & Schulman. Barry Kaplan merges with Frank Davie, Irwin Schulman and Sidney Braverman to form Davie Schulman Kaplan & Braverman. Al Birnbaum, Donald Naylor and Jack Wilson become partners. The name of the firm is changed to Davie Kaplan & Braverman.


Robert Linder and Harvey Stolnitz merge the office of Main Hurdman into Davie Kaplan & Braverman. Several sole practitioners merge their practices with Davie Kaplan & Braverman in anticipation of their retirement. Thomas Demott, Michael Douglass, David Pitcher, Steven Smith, David Suss, and Phyllis Weinstein become partners. Demott, Smith and Suss leave the firm.


Al Birnbaum, Don Naylor, Harvey Stolnitz and Phyllis Weinstein retire. Gary DeBellis and Patrick George become partners.


Davie Kaplan Chapman & Braverman, P.C. is formed by the merger of Davie Kaplan & Braverman with Chapman, Collins, Agostinelli & Shaw. Donald Chapman, James Shaw and Michael Agostinelli are brought in as partners.


Jeanne Morelli, Scott Kogler and Greg Miller become partners. Sid Braverman, Bob Linder and Don Chapman retire. Jim Shaw becomes the new managing partner.


E. Barry Kaplan passes away. Michael Douglass retires.


Patrick George becomes the new managing partner. Vincent Sirianni joins the firm as a partner and merges his practice. Todd Eaton becomes a partner.


Jennifer Jones becomes a partner. Jim Shaw and Jack Wilson retire.


Alan Rich becomes a partner, Al Birnbaum passes away.


Vincent Sirianni passes away.


Brian Sauers becomes a partner. Phyllis Weinstein passes away.