Forward-thinking CPAs and Business Advisors Elevate Your Perspective

How do you know you’ve teamed up with the right CPA? At Davie Kaplan, we focus on bringing you a responsive, qualified team of business advisors that can seamlessly handle first-order accounting and tax needs – that’s a given.

What you also get is the benefit of a holistic mindset – and a team of business advisors committed to learning and understanding how all the moving parts of your business fit together. First, we listen and ask the questions that will allow us to understand both immediate context and history, as well as the greater business environment in which you operate.

And whether it’s a tax bill or your income statement, no one likes surprises. As your business advisor, we help you develop realistic projections for cash flow, and plan through a range of scenarios to ensure you’ve got an adequate financial cushion in place. When a major outlay looms, we help you adjust and prepare for such an investment so that it fuels business growth.

High-value Networks – and A Legacy of Generational Trust

Serving Rochester businesses since 1934, Davie Kaplan grew up alongside our region’s most important industries – and the leaders who continue to define them. Our extensive community networks position us to offer valuable industry and marketplace insight and connect you to key resources that can unlock new opportunities.

How can we help you?

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