Direct Industry Expertise Adds Value to Business Advisory Services

Davie Kaplan’s team of top-tier professionals represents decades of experience gained from supporting businesses in key industries in Rochester and the surrounding region.

Our business advisory services help you address recurring, industry-specific issues and sharpen your financial acumen about typical operating challenges – and free your management team to focus on developing profitable new business opportunities.   

Businesses in the construction industry have long relied on Davie Kaplan for traditional accounting and tax services. Because we understand the industry’s various performance drivers so well, we can also assist with reporting and analysis to monitor profitability and manage cash flow. We offer insight and recommendations to ensure proper allocation of costs and proven systems to deliver real-time project data.

In today’s frenetic market, construction companies face intense pressure to recruit and retain good talent. Davie Kaplan can help you design competitive benefit packages and retirement plans to attract the best people to power your organization.

For real estate clients, Davie Kaplan’s business advisory services support the entire life cycle of property ownership. We’ll break down a lease proposal so that the financial implications of any offers or concessions are clear, and position you to negotiate a lease that serves both the tenant and the long-term interests of the owner.

In many cases, a cost segregation study can deliver significant tax savings for the owner of real estate. Davie Kaplan’s grasp of the most current tax legislation and experience with cost segregation will position you for maximum advantage. And when you’re ready to sell a property, we’ll complete an extensive “what-if” analysis to inform your decision.

Manufacturers and distributors focus most of their attention on building and managing their product. Davie Kaplan’s extensive experience with production accounting helps you set up systems to track and report the right information from the outset. We can also advise on critical decisions about the structure of your business, management compensation and succession planning.

Davie Kaplan positions you to manage every aspect of your business soundly – and define a sustainable path to growth and profitability. 

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