Manufacturing & Distribution

Specialized business advisory for manufacturing and product distribution

Businesses involved in manufacturing and product distribution face complex financial and operating challenges as they develop and build their products and bring them to market. Pressure to cut costs and shrink lead times has never been greater, and maintaining a stable workforce has become increasingly difficult.

After decades of advising area manufacturers and distributors, Davie Kaplan has developed a wealth of specific industry expertise to help you optimize available tax benefits, capture operating efficiencies and improve financial reporting.

We work with developers of leading-edge technology in fields like optics and plastics, as well precision machine and sheet metal fabricators, among many others.

We can assist with:

  • Financial statements and audits
  • Accounting
  • Financial advisory to support day-to-day management
  • Evaluate profitability to support pricing and relationship decisions
  • Manage inventory to minimize working capital requirements
  • Review internal controls to reduce losses
  • Evaluate and improve workflow efficiencies and equipment utilization
  • Cost-benefit analyses for capital equipment purchases or facility expansion
  • Analyze “make vs. outsource” options
  • Develop financing plans to support growth and identify available incentives

We can also offer timely guidance about business structure, management compensation and other incentive plans, business valuation and succession planning.

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