Tax Management

Securing every possible advantage for your business

As your organization’s top-line revenue grows, the goal is always to keep as much of it as possible. Our role is to help you identify viable opportunities to pay less tax, and then prepare a quality return that won’t invite a challenge.

Davie Kaplan provides business owners with business tax preparation services and high-value guidance throughout the year, not just during tax season. We’ll help you identify potential tax deductions and credits and ensure you meet all requirements to claim them successfully.

R&D Tax Credit 

Most companies who design or manufacture a product, including software, perform research and development activities to improve their products or production methods. While you may not call the activity research, your product and process improvement activities probably qualify you for a tax credit.

The Research and Development tax credit is a complex and constantly changing benefit in the tax code. Davie Kaplan has tax professionals with the experience and specialized skills necessary for the Research and Development tax credit computations. And our tax advisors can translate a complicated matter into a clear conclusion in a common-sense way and provide clarity for you.

International Taxation

U.S. businesses with operations in Canada and other foreign countries face additional layers of international taxation and reporting rules regarding cross-border activity, as do private citizens with foreign investments. Similarly, non-U.S. entities and individuals with ownership of assets here need to meet various U.S. reporting requirements.

Whether your business is based in the U.S. with plans to expand to another country, or you’re bringing a foreign-based operation here, we’ll coordinate tax planning and preparation with your foreign advisors to optimize your tax situation.

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