Legacy Planning

Estate planning to preserve your wealth

Effective estate planning means more than simply drafting a will; it’s about building a comprehensive plan that protects and nurtures your assets for – and through – future generations.

Our estate and trust planning experts will work closely with you to identify your objectives and design a personalized estate plan that conserves wealth while reducing your tax exposure. We are keenly focused on the many legislative changes that impact estate plans, and proactively recommend strategies that can preserve both current assets and future wealth accumulation.

Gift tax planning

People gift for many different reasons, whether your goal is to reduce your taxable estate, transfer wealth or assets to the next generation, donating to charity, funding a trust or for a family event or expenditure. Whatever your motive, we can help structure your gifting in the most tax-efficient way and provide strategic alternatives that fit your individual situation.

To learn more about our estate planning services and ways to preserve your legacy, please contact us.

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