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Accounting Advisory Services for Business Owners, Executives & Professionals

If you’re like many business owners, professionals and senior executives, your compensation, retirement and long-term financial security are woven into the structure of your business, and tied to its performance.

You may rely on a CPA to complete your individual tax return, especially if it’s become more complex as your business or practice has matured. But what about the bigger picture? Do you have a trusted advisor with whom you can discuss other business and management issues – including income tax planning and projections – someone who can help you plan ahead for a future liquidity event and its implications for your entire family?

You’ve built your business or practice into a significant asset, reinvesting profits along the way to fund its growth. Now it’s time to protect your income in retirement and plan for the changing of the guard, whether that means selling the business or stepping back as the next generation moves into the center of the picture.

Davie Kaplan provides comprehensive accounting advisory services to business owners, executives and professionals who seek access to an extra level of expertise – and who want to avoid common pitfalls that arise during the transition of a closely-held business.

In addition to helping you prepare for different succession scenarios, we’ll take a look at how to fund your retirement and preserve your family’s lifestyle when you’re no longer drawing a paycheck from the business. If you’re paying for a patchwork of insurance coverage, we’ll help you assess what you need – or don’t need – going forward. 

When you work with Davie Kaplan, an effective individual tax strategy is just one part of the plan. Count on our broad-based experience and business acumen to ensure that your vision for a rewarding retirement becomes reality.

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