Personal Tax Service

Personal Tax Service and Advisory Help You Plan for the Future with Confidence


Whether you prepare your own tax returns or work with a C.P.A. or other tax preparation professional, it’s typically a once-a-year, retrospective task. The goal is to achieve compliance and pay as little as possible in taxes.

As your business and personal assets grow over time, you may find it beneficial to consider your tax situation more holistically, as part of your larger financial plan. And if you’ve ever faced an unexpectedly large tax bill, you want to avoid such a surprise going forward, and identify strategies to minimize your tax exposure.

Davie Kaplan’s personal tax service and advisory services work with you throughout the year, not just at tax time, to assemble the big picture one that factors in your personal financial situation as well as the current status and structure of your business.

We’ll help you identify and plan for future needs, and understand the long-term implications of decisions on the table today, so you can move forward with confidence.

Smart, proactive tax planning can save you money in the short term, and create both clarity and peace of mind for the long term. Working with Davie Kaplan, you gain insight from experienced tax professionals—informed by additional perspectives, as needed, to address estate and financial planning issues, and even questions about your business as they arise.

Davie Kaplan’s integrated advisory approach keeps your big picture in focus. We strive to add ongoing value as a trusted partner, not just a transactional service provider to ensure progress toward all of your business and personal goals.

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