Complete Business Accounting Services Set A Foundation for Profitable Growth

As the trusted CPA for Rochester businesses since 1934, Davie Kaplan knows how to set up and manage accounting processes to ensure useful, real-time reporting and minimize tax exposure.

Our goals for every business client? To maintain an accounting framework that supports consistent profitability, healthy growth and a path to build – and protect – wealth for the owner.  

Our full range of business accounting services can help you implement best-practice accounting and financial reporting protocols that will serve you from start-up through maturity and any future ownership transition.

As needed, we can provide training and resources, including bookkeeping support, to make sure your accounting team can meet the demands of a growing business.

By ensuring ready access to reliable information, Davie Kaplan equips your leadership team to focus on what comes next – whether that involves adjusting to respond to changes in the marketplace, addressing budget pressures and other financial issues or pursuing an acquisition.

In addition to standard, functional business CPA services, Davie Kaplan offers specialized accounting expertise in construction, manufacturing, real estate development and multi-family property management. If you’re considering an acquisition, merger or sale, we can perform a business valuation. We’ll also help you explore how you might qualify for an R&D tax credit, or complete a cost segregation on your latest expansion.

Davie Kaplan helps you understand the real story about your organization’s performance so you’re positioned to make solid – and timely – decisions and take best advantage of emerging opportunities.

How can we help you?

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