Business Valuations

Business valuations can be complex undertakings with different components and value drivers.

Each valuation comes with a unique set of facts and circumstances. The parties relying on a valuation will have different perspectives — a buyer may see an issue as a risk factor whereas a seller may see opportunity. Because of this, business valuation skill and expertise, general business experience and industry knowledge are important attributes necessary for a valuation professional to perform a credible business appraisal.

Our business valuation services are supervised by Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) with business valuation credentials (CVA – Certified Valuation Analyst) and years of experience providing business valuation services. More importantly, our business valuation advisors can translate a complicated matter into a clear conclusion in a common sense manner and provide clarity for you, the business owner or outside professional advisor.

We work with business owners, attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, and others to appraise the value of a business interest for a variety of purposes:

How Can Davie Kaplan Help You With Your Valuation Needs?

We understand that valuing a business is an extremely important and sensitive issue. Not only are we valuing a business; often we are valuing the result of many years of determination and hard work. We could be valuing a business so that a 2nd or 3rd generation can take the reins after payment of estate taxes or providing the information necessary to enable a divorce proceeding to move forward.

The purpose of the business valuation and the standard of value directly impact the valuation approaches, methods used and the ultimate valuation amount. Understanding this, we work with you from the start to ensure we are valuing the correct business interest under the proper standard of value.

Levels of Service

We are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) which issues standards for Business Valuations.  Our valuation reports are issued in accordance with the AICPA Statement on Standards for Business Valuation Services (SSVS).

The SSVS provide for the following levels of service: 

  • Conclusion of Value (Detailed Report) – This is the highest level of valuation services offered. The valuation analyst uses their experience and knowledge in formulating the appropriate valuation methods. A detailed report is provided to the client that conveys the conclusion of value amount and the valuation approaches and methods used.
  • Conclusion of Value (Summary Report) – This is the middle level of valuation services offered. The results of the valuation engagement are not different than a detailed report valuation engagement – the work performed in arriving at the valuation conclusion amount is the same. However, the reporting of the valuation engagement is less comprehensive than a detailed report.
  • Calculation of Value – This is the lowest level of valuation services we may provide. The engagement is a valuation calculation where the valuation analyst and client agree beforehand on the valuation method to be used. A report is provided giving the client a summary of the valuation calculation result.

We welcome the opportunity to service your business valuation needs and we are committed to providing the most proactive and reliable valuations possible. Please contact us should you wish to utilize our expertise in this area.