Business Tax

Business Taxation Advisory: Proactive Tax Planning, Strategy & Preparation

Business taxation involves a host of issues that demand ongoing attention; changes to tax law are constant and wide-ranging, and business owners need to be aware of implications and agile in their response.

Davie Kaplan’s team of business taxation advisors includes researchers, planners and tax law specialists who focus on how the latest tax developments affect our clients. We go deep and stay current to help you adapt proactively and minimize your tax exposure, both this year and over the longer term.

As your organization’s top-line revenue grows, the goal is always to keep as much of it as possible. Davie Kaplan’s tax planning assistance for businesses involves income forecasting and long-term strategy, as well as year-end planning.

Our role is to help you identify viable opportunities to pay less tax, and then prepare a quality return that won’t invite a challenge.

We approach your tax work with the big picture in mind, so you can make decisions, such as how to classify a large new asset, informed by important context about likely tax implications. If there’s a transaction in the works, we can advise on the tax impact of different structures. 

Organizations can miss out on tax credits simply because they don’t know about them. With an extensive client base in key industries like construction, manufacturing and real estate, Davie Kaplan understands the landscape for state, local, R&D and other tax credits and can make sure your business takes best advantage of what’s available.

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