International Taxation

Manage International Taxation Compliance with Confidence

International taxation - Davie Kaplan

U.S. businesses with operations in Canada and other foreign countries face additional layers of international taxation and reporting rules regarding cross-border activity, as do private citizens with foreign investments. Similarly, non-U.S. entities and individuals with ownership of assets here need to meet various U.S. reporting requirements.

Failure to file required disclosures and returns can lead to expensive penalties that add up quickly – many tax preparers are not familiar with increasingly complex rules that apply here and in other countries, which can lead to unintended delinquency.

Davie Kaplan brings extensive international taxation experience to serve clients with cross-border interests.

As you plan for new business or expansion in another country, we can provide crucial input on how to structure operations so you avoid becoming subject to that country’s tax regime.

Whether your business is based in the U.S. with plans to expand to another country, or you’re bringing a foreign-based operation here, we’ll coordinate tax planning and preparation with your foreign advisors to optimize your tax situation.