Davie Kaplan In The News : “Firm Takes Balance Seriously”

Davie Kaplan shows strength in number.

You’ve heard the expression, “Strength in numbers,” right?

The dictionary defines it as a group of people having more influence than one person. The expression can be extended to fields like accounting, in more ways than you might expect.

Accountants are in much demand, as reported a few weeks ago in this column. Todd Eaton of accounting firm Davie Kaplan said there’s always a need for people who can do the books and ledgers.

“With accountants, every year, every CPA firm in the country is out on college campuses (recruiting),” said Eaton, the company’s chief financial officer. “It’s very competitive … To this day, I tell people if you enjoy numbers and statistics, you can have a good career and good in-come. If you can avoid the stereotype.”

And what is that stereotype, Eaton is asked?

See link for the full article from the D&C Small Business Spotlight:   Firm Takes Balance Seriously

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