How A CPA Can Help You Navigate Unprecedented Times

July 10, 2020


If this year taught us anything, it’s that life can be unpredictable. It’s easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed with constant change, especially when it comes to your finances. Having a CPA on your side can help alleviate some uncertainty in your life by giving you clear direction and helping you to feel in control of your future. Here are some benefits that hiring a CPA during unprecedented times can provide you:

Understanding The Ever-Changing Benefits Available 

When the pandemic hit, we were all forced to make significant changes to the way we live and work, and there is no doubt that it left businesses in need of support. The government answered that call with the Cares Act and the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program).

With these new benefits came questions, paperwork, and a needed understanding of how to get the most for your business. These benefits are also changing as the circumstances change, most recently the passing of the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act changed the guidelines again. You can find detailed information about those changes on our website.

A CPA can be your lifeline. Their job is to make new policies and regulations easy to understand, provide guidance through your ups and downs, keep up with ever changing legislation and the financial landscape so you don’t have to.

At Davie Kaplan, we are committed to keeping you in-the-know and up to date with the most current information, we keep our site updated in real time as new legislation is put into place regarding COVID-19 and the PPP loan program. We have also made a focused effort to deliver customized advice to clients to assist them in making the best decisions for their business regarding PPP loans, forgiveness applications and related concerns.

Navigating Tax Time

When the unpredictable happens, a CPA can help you stay organized with record keeping, and advise you on allocating enough funds for your taxes throughout the year. It’s essential you know your CPA is available when tax time comes around, no matter what the circumstances are that year.

As we saw this year, COVID-19 hit  right as tax season was at its peak, allowing for businesses and individuals to receive a tax filing extension. The new deadline for Federal tax returns and estimated tax payments is now July 15th. A CPA can help you to stay on top of deadlines and elevate the stress this time of year can bring (even without a pandemic). A CPA can also assist you in requesting further extensions as needed and guide you through estimated tax payments.

Peace Of Mind

A CPA gives you someone to lean on for sound advice and direction regarding your finances. This support is especially crucial during times of uncertainty to help you plan for your future and make sound decisions with your business and your finances. At Davie Kaplan, we specialize in helping people in all stages of their lives and in all circumstances they find themselves in. Contact us today to speak to our dedicated team of experts.

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