Using Accounting Software vs. a CPA: What’s Best for You?

June 3, 2019

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Running a business comes with many responsibilities. It’s probably safe to say that financial bookkeeping is not one of the responsibilities that drove you to start your business. Yet, as a business owner, you know that accounting and tax compliance are vital for any company’s long-term success.

With technology constantly evolving, it can be tough to sift through all the options when choosing tools or professional services for your business. You may be asking yourself where to start. With the insights taken from this article, you should be well on your way to organizing an internal accounting system and getting back to focusing on the work that you care about most!

At Davie Kaplan CPAs, we provide advice on building your company’s accounting strategy. In this article we will outline the benefits of both accounting software and CPA services. We will discuss how these options will help you build an accounting strategy for long-term success.

Is Accounting Software Right for You?

Accounting software is a great tool for helping with any internal bookkeeping strategy. It is actually recommended that accounting software be considered when conducting day-to-day internal tasks. These tasks can span anywhere from inventory maintenance to data entry on accounts receivable and payable. It is beneficial to begin by finding the software that works best for your business. There are plenty of choices to optimize your internal process, so even if the first software you try is not the right fit, there are many more to experiment with.

Although accountants and bookkeepers can do these tasks, you can maximize your investment with a professional accountant by executing day-to-day tasks internally. This will give a CPA the solid foundation needed to conduct any higher-level accounting tasks that you do not understand how to complete.

How a professional CPA can help

Now that you know the benefits of using bookkeeping software to initiate your accounting strategy, we can discuss the importance of having a professional oversee the final execution of your plan. There are going to be times when aspects of your accounting process should be handled by a professional. A professional accountant has the expertise necessary to keep your company’s accounting both compliant with the law and an efficient tool for management decision-making.

When it comes to ensuring that your business’s finances are all in order at year-end or filing taxes, hiring a professional CPA, accountant, or bookkeeper is essential. Not only will a professional help you with the specifics of accounting that you don’t understand or that you don’t have time to complete, but a professional CPA will also identify areas where your company can save money. This is something that can be done most effectively when a software tool and internal accounting system has already been established.

Ultimately, building a strong and trusting business relationship with an accounting professional will help your business in the long term. Just remember that before hiring anyone, make sure to do your homework, read reviews, know the costs of service, and understand how all that fits your businesses budget.

Finalize your plan

Whether you are well versed in accounting and want to do all of your accounting internally with software or you feel finding a professional CPA is better suited for you, we hope you develop a plan that makes the most sense for your unique business needs.

At Davie Kaplan, a Rochester, NY accounting firm, we have a team of expert CPAs available to help you develop and implement an accounting strategy made for future success. Our one-on-one approach and personal commitment to your individualized situation serves as the basis for the long-term relationships we have established with all of our clients.

Contact us for the answers to any questions you may have or visit our services page for more information.

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