Your Guide to Wealth Management

Your Guide to Wealth Management

In this guide, you’ll learn how holistic wealth management is vital for growing and protecting wealth throughout your lifetime and for generations to come. 

Long-term wealth involves earning, investing, tax planning and estate and legacy planning. Davie Kaplan shares what we’ve learned about how an interdisciplinary approach is crucial for meeting the goal that nobody has time for: Building and protecting wealth. 

What You Will Learn:

  • How wealth management is more than just financial planning
  • Why wealth management is the answer to creating and meeting lifelong financial goals
  • How tax liabilities affect every wealth planning decision and how to be prepared
  • How wealth management can make a difference for families for generations

What’s Inside:

Chapter 1: What Is Wealth Management and Do You Need It?

Chapter 2: The Benefits of Wealth Management

Chapter 3: 5 Steps for Successful Family Wealth Management

Chapter 4: Financial and Tax Regulations Change Regularly, Affecting Your Wealth Management Plan

Chapter 5: How Fortunes Fail: The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With Your Investments

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