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What is B.A.S.E.?

By utilizing the B.A.S.E. Team at Davie Kaplan, PCA, P.C. you can gain access to a team of highly qualified advisors. We will closely work with you to guide your business on a path to success. We are not just bookkeepers but a team of advisors that will work with you to provide guidance on running your business through the use of accurate and timely financial information.

For a fixed monthly fee our team will handle all of your accounting needs including paying bills, creating customer invoices, recording deposits, reconciling bank, credit card, and loan accounts with the end result of producing financial statements that can be used to track the progress of your business. A big part of knowing how your business is performing is comparing how you are doing compared to the rest of your industry. Using the financial results we will compare you to your peers using key performance indicators(KPI’s). In some cases we can be your payroll provider as well. All of this is done through our cloud platform that allows collaboration with you and our team of experts.

Our Team can be your B.A.S.E. of Operations



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What are the Benefits of B.A.S.E.?

The benefits are clear, by using our service you have a team of advisors available to you on a daily basis for a fixed monthly fee. If you are currently performing the bookkeeping function yourself then our team will free you up so you can focus on what you do best – managing and growing your business. If you have a bookkeeper or are thinking of hiring one we can reduce your payroll costs and do a better job.

Some of the other benefits are:

  • Bookkeeping is done timely and accurately all year long.
    • Allows for more accurate tax planning.
    • Books don’t need to be cleaned up at year end.
    • Tax return can be prepared in late Jan or early Feb.
    • Reduces cost of year end planning and tax return.
  • Your bills are paid for you and there is no need to write checks.
  • No need to file invoices. They are stored in the cloud and backed up daily.
  • Independent set of “eyes” verifying transactions.
  • Current financials throughout the month.
  • Save on employer taxes, benefits, and insurance.
  • KPI Comparison
  • DK Team is looking out for you and identifying problems or issues as they occur.
  • Fixed monthly fee
How does it Work?

Our Team will work with you to make sure that the B.A.S.E. Team approach is implemented to produce the results you are looking for. We start by meeting with you to get an understanding of how your business operates and what your needs are. We then develop a plan to meet those needs and deliver results.

You Company will be given a Quickbooks online login which will allow us to collaborate together in the cloud to produce financial results. In addition, you will have online bill pay portal with a unique email and fax number. You will email or fax your invoices to us and we will make those invoices available to you to in the portal to approve. Once approved we will pay the invoices and send the vendor a check. All of this seamlessly synchronizes with Quickbooks along with deposits and other electronic transactions to keep your financial results up to date.

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Services offered

All of our services are offered at a fixed monthly fee so you are not surprised with bills you were not expecting.

Bronze Package – Monthly Bookkeeping(no bill pay) done at the end of the month. Package includes Quickbooks, portal, sales tax filings, dedicated Team Coach and Manager. Balance Sheet and profit and loss statement created monthly. 1 meeting a year with Team Manager to review financials and KPI’s.

Silver Package – Same as Bronze except bookkeeping is done regularly during the month and includes 2 meetings a year with Team Manager.

Gold Package – Same as Bronze package except this includes bill pay.

Diamond Package – same as Silver package except this includes bill pay.

Complete payroll processing can be added on for an additional fixed monthly fee. In addition, year tax planning and tax preparation can be added into the fixed monthly fee.