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What is B.A.S.E.?

By utilizing the B.A.S.E. Team at Davie Kaplan, PCA, P.C. you can gain access to a team of highly qualified advisors. We will closely work with you to guide your business on a path to success. We are not just bookkeepers but a team of advisors that will work with you to provide guidance on running your business through the use of accurate and timely financial information.

For a fixed monthly fee our team will handle all of your accounting needs including paying bills, creating customer invoices, recording deposits, reconciling bank, credit card, and loan accounts with the end result of producing financial statements that can be used to track the progress of your business. A big part of knowing how your business is performing is comparing how you are doing compared to the rest of your industry. Using the financial results we will compare you to your peers using key performance indicators(KPI’s). In some cases we can be your payroll provider as well. All of this is done through our cloud platform that allows collaboration with you and our team of experts.

Our Team can be your B.A.S.E. of Operations


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Coronavirus: We're Here to Help

Davie Kaplan, CPA, P.C. is dedicated to our Davie Kaplan family and our clients as we all face this COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic together. The link below will take you to our compilation of COVID-19 related information in order to assist you and provide additional resources and insights. As new information emerges we will continue to update these links. Please contact us directly with questions, and stay safe and healthy!

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