As a small business owner you would like to set up your bookkeeping function in a way that allows you to focus most of your time on your other business activities. Davie Kaplan’s Small Business Department can help you quickbooks-certifiedwith your bookkeeping function in several ways:

  • We can provide guidance to your internal or outsourced bookkeeping function to assist them in setting up a general ledger and basic financial statements or with other accounting issues such as budgeting, fixed assets, payroll and sales tax returns.
  • We can handle your bookkeeping needs entirely
  • Our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors can help your QuickBooks users optimize their efficiencies when working in this financial application.
  • We offer QuickBooks hosting on our servers which enables us to seamlessly share your files, assure you are always using the current releases, and more efficiently troubleshoot your questions by “shadowing” your bookkeepers from our office as they demonstrate the difficulties they are having from their own workstations

Related services offered by Davie Kaplan that comprise a comprehensive approach to assist you in running your business include:

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