Bookkeeping Services

Do I need a bookkeeper?

As a small business owner, having up-to-date, accurate, and informative financials at your fingertips is imperative.  The key to having this information is having a reliable accounting system and bookkeeper in place.  For small business owners, they may be the one who handles the day-to-day accounting function for their business.  Unfortunately, this takes vital time away from the operations and management of the business. This is where Davie Kaplan’s Small Business Group can help.

Davie Kaplan’s Small Business Group offers a full range of consulting and bookkeeping services in Rochester, NY that can help alleviate this burden. From outsourcing the entire accounting process to our staff, training or overseeing your internal bookkeeper, developing systems and processes, or general consulting on how to improve the accounting process, Davie Kaplan has the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

As a small business owner, it is critical to understand when a bookkeeper is the ideal choice for you and your business. Our team can help you manage the day-to-day financial transactions of the business such as entering daily transactions, categorizing expenses, reconciling accounts, bill payments, and payroll entries. They can also help on month and year end closing process or consulting on specific issues or tasks. They will also provide strategic advice to their clients and information on how to create budgets for your business. Addressing and looking out for changes to the organization or significant financial events are one of their primary responsibilities.

What are the benefits?

Davie Kaplan’s Small Business Department can help with your bookkeeping function in several ways. Whether you are looking for a bookkeeper in Rochester, NY to handle your needs entirely or provide guidance on a multitude of topics, we can do it all. We can provide guidance to your internal or outsourced bookkeeping functions to assist them in setting up a ledger and basic financial statements, or with other accounting issues such as budgeting, fixed assets, payroll, and sales tax returns. We are able to seamlessly share your files, assure you are always using the current releases, and provide support and training for your bookkeepers from our office or onsite.

Bookkeeping can do wonders for your business by offering you many advantages. Our services lower your cost in numerous ways. Obvious benefits include lack of payroll taxes, paid vacation and other employee benefits. Your team will always be watching for cost saving opportunities or financial aspects that need support in your business. Another great benefit is having less responsibility. You can focus on what is important to you without having the stress of handling your business bookkeeping and have an expert to make the best decisions for you.

Finally, our help can reduce the stress of tax season. Up-to-date books make the tax season a lot less complicated and time consuming. It also minimizes your deductions come tax time due to the fact you won’t have to pay your accountant more money from your pocket for messy books. Getting your books in pristine shape results in you having the ability to invoice more effectively and quickly.

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