Quickbooks Hosting

What is it?

Our QuickBooks hosting solution gives you complete, reliable and secure QuickBooks functionality as an online application. With our secure managed application services you benefit from having your software and data safe and accessible.

What are the benefits?

  • Access -QuickBooks hosting offers you access anytime, anywhere – all you need is a high speed Internet connection. For those with a multi-user license, multiple users will have the ability to access their client file from different physical locations simultaneously. Our server acts as your QuickBooks network.
  • Real Time- QuickBooks hosting makes for a more efficient accounting process by providing real time access to your financial information and eliminates the need to swap files back and forth with your accounting team.
  • Backups -Automatic offsite backups are done nightly and kept for a minimum of six months.
  • Security-256-bit encryption is used each time a user logs into the system to access data. This offers the same level of security as online banking.
  • Updates -Each year as soon as Intuit makes their new version of QuickBooks available to the public the software can be updated automatically, insuring that you are using the most current version on the market.

How does it work?

DK will set up the hosting service on our secure datacenter and send the client the remote (password protected) login instructions. Our IT staff can provide technical support for any QuickBooks hosting issues that may arise. The end result is that QuickBooks is running on a remote server but appears to be running on your PC.

Clients will log on through our secure website and access their QuickBooks file via our secure datacenter (a high speed Internet connection is required). This eliminates the problem of multiple users needing to access their QuickBooks from different computers or multiple locations (i.e. home, office, while traveling). QuickBooks files are automatically backed up daily so a recent backup is always available to assure minimal risk of data loss.

QuickBooks Training:

Our firm provides QuickBooks training to hosted QuickBooks users, either at our office or by remote sessions. We offer training by Certified QuickBooks Proadvisors with a structure and agenda customized for the client. We can also assist by “shadowing” -we can either view your QuickBooks activities to address your questions or demonstrate proper procedures while your staff and ours are accessing the same file from two different locations.

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