Specialized Skills. Relevant Experience. Industry Knowledge and Savvy.

These traits have built your reputation in the construction marketplace. You know your business, and so do we.

Davie Kaplan is a firm with intimate knowledge of the construction industry. We understand the challenges you face in an industry that is highly dependent on the state of the general economy and extremely cyclical. Projects that are financed and started during prosperous times must be managed to completion through economic downturns. Competition for major projects is heavy and your ability to effectively monitor costs and risk through project completion is critical to assuring success and profitability.

We understand that your needs are far greater than the preparation of financial statements and tax returns. We can assist with both day to day operations and the long term planning that is essential to the long term growth and success of your business. We recognize that bonding and financing requirements are more stringent than ever, and we can act as a liaison to ensure that your obligations to bonding companies are fulfilled as efficiently as possible. The accounting and consulting services we provide are carefully tailored to the unique demands of your industry. Additional information on the specific services that can benefit your firm can be found at the links below:

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