Fiduciary and Trust Services

In recent years the tax laws have undergone numerous changes, leaving individuals with the difficult task of staying current with the latest compliance requirements and avoiding costly pitfalls. However, these changes also bring significant opportunities for individuals to preserve their assets for future generations.

Davie Kaplan assists our clients in growing and protecting their financial wealth by designing and implementing tax strategies that will minimize taxes. By staying current on the continuously changing tax laws we are able to analyze the benefits of various types of trusts to assess what solutions may be appropriate for our clients.

Our experienced staff works with individuals and family members to achieve their financial objectives today and into the future. We can provide expert assistance in estate and trust planning, work with your attorney or executor to administer a trust or estate, or simply prepare tax returns for these entities.

Related tax planning services offered by Davie Kaplan that are integral to a comprehensive approach to your financial well being include:

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