Manufacturing & Distribution

We understand the many challenges faced today by owners and managers of manufacturing and distributing businesses. Whether it is meeting the ever increasing demand for short lead times to customers, the extreme competition of overseas pricing pressure, or maintaining an affordable workforce with proper skills, management has never been asked to address more issues.

Davie Kaplan makes it a point from day one to learn about our clients’ businesses and how they operate. We also endeavor to determine what is important to the owners of the business. In this manner, we are able to maximize the value we provide to our clients.

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Davie Kaplan – Not your ordinary accounting firm!

Davie Kaplan makes it a priority at the onset of a new relationship to learn about our clients’ businesses and how they operate while determining what is most important to the business owners. In this manner, we are able to maximize the value we provide to our clients.

While the manufacturing and distribution industries have been the backbone of the American economy for hundreds of years, pricing and cost pressures have never been greater. Are you getting the information you need to make effective business decisions? Is your costing appropriate for long run production versus prototype/short run production in a job shop environment? Standardized production vs. custom manufacturing? Do you have a handle on whether your R& D, tooling and other preproduction costs and your production setup costs are adequately factored into your pricing and costing decisions?

We can assist with both day to day operations and the long term planning that is essential to the long term growth and success of your business. The accounting and consulting services we provide are carefully tailored to the unique demands of your industry:

  • Evaluation of cost accounting systems
  • Development of key financial metrics for your management team’s focus in the day to day management of your company.
  • Evaluation of product and customer profitability can result in changes to your price strategy or decisions to terminate product lines or customer relationships.
  • Inventory management consulting-minimizing working capital investment versus potential lost sales or product obsolescence and spoilage.
  • Review internal controls to reduce potential losses through fraud or theft
  • Implement strategies to minimize the cost of liability and workers compensation insurance.
  • Evaluate workflow efficiencies to minimize inventory movement and the number of separate production steps.
  • Development of incentive plans to ensure a motivated workforce and encourage efficient production operations.
  • Evaluate equipment utilization and alternatives for alleviating production bottlenecks.
  • Focus on quality processes in order to minimize scrap and rework.
  • Cost benefit analysis (return on investment) for capital equipment purchases or plant expansion plans.
  • Assist with “make versus outsource” decisions for product lines or specific operations such as assembly, printing, or packaging.
  • Development of financing plans for growth opportunities, including identification of available incentives.

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