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Objective Advice for Tax-Centric Wealth Management Solutions

At Davie Kaplan, we have an integrated approach to wealth management solutions that brings in our CPA’s well-informed direction to minimize current and future tax liability to support our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ professionals’ no-strings-attached analysis of where you stand today.

If you’ve managed to build an investment portfolio of any substance, you’ve earned a degree of peace of mind. In today’s complex economy, however, that peace of mind can be short-lived.

Even if you’re encouraged by your returns over time, questions may abound about the security of your total financial picture:

  • Am I invested in a way that minimizes my tax exposure?
  • Should I consolidate retirement portfolios from different sources?
  • Is my insurance coverage appropriate for my circumstances today?
  • How should I reallocate my portfolio as I approach retirement?
  • What level of risk am I comfortable with now?
  • How are successful past strategies likely to play out today?
  • Where can I realistically expect to be in 5-7 years?
  • If I have liquidity now, should I pay off my mortgage or invest more broadly?
  • Are there other potential future needs I should account for?
  • How do I establish a legacy for my heirs but maintain a suitable nest egg for myself?
  • Once I retire, what assets should my distributions be coming from?

We can help you think through these questions and assess if – and how – they apply to your unique and evolving circumstances.

As you look to optimize your current portfolio, and take advantage of the right opportunities to improve and secure your overall position, Davie Kaplan’s tax-centric wealth management solutions provide experienced, objective advice to develop a comprehensive financial plan and a clear roadmap that takes you where you want to go.

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