Offering exceptional, tax-centric financial planning for individuals and businesses. We help craft a plan that fits you perfectly.

Your plan is unique to you. No two are the same.

  1. Investment Planning: How can you make the money you have work for you?
  2. Tax Planning: Paying taxes is a certainty, but we help ensure they won’t obliterate your finances.
  3. Asset Protection: Safeguarding your hard-earned money from common pitfalls.
  4. Retirement Planning: Making sure you’re set when the time comes.
  5. Business Planning: Keeping an eye on the future of your business.
  6. Estate Planning: What happens to your wealth after you’re gone.
  7. Insurance Planning: Protecting your finances from the unexpected, like death or disability.
  8. Education Planning: Preparing for the rising cost of college for your loved ones
  9. Special Situations: Asking those difficult what-if questions.
  10. Debt Management: Maintaining efficient credit oversight.

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Coronavirus: We're Here to Help

Davie Kaplan, CPA, P.C. is dedicated to our Davie Kaplan family and our clients as we all face this COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic together. The link below will take you to our compilation of COVID-19 related information in order to assist you and provide additional resources and insights. As new information emerges we will continue to update these links. Please contact us directly with questions, and stay safe and healthy!

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